Every day, the team at Flack Global Metals (FGM) works with over 30 industry-recognized domestic and international mill partners complemented by over 200 top processing vendors for services such as slitting, C-T-L, shearing, blanking, and leveling. We get to know their businesses just as closely as we get to know customers’ organizations. We know exactly what we and they are excellent at providing – and we won’t stray from that just to get an order. FGM is extremely selective in the orders that we commit to supplying. Any hesitation on meeting the specs or quality requirements and we won’t take the order.

“We didn’t abandon our international mills when Section 232 went into effect and domestic mills became more competitive. As a result, we have consistently been able to source materials when others struggle, with some mills giving us their entire order book when supply was tight,”

FGM has developed rigorous guidelines for each processing vendor that we work with and are continuously improving our standards. Once they are a partner, we have a continuous improvement process to ensure that these vetted vendors consistently perform to meet our standards including vendor scorecards which break down a variety of critical service metrics including quality metrics, average lead time, tons produced, scrap, reporting/paperwork ranking, average days past due, etc.. This sets our partners and vendors up for success.