Flack Global Metals (FGM) offers the widest array of flat rolled products, including aluminum, carbon steel, stainless and pre-painted metals. We are able to source material to your specifications through our wide network of domestic and foreign mills and can be a single source for all of your metals needs. Our ability to source and process both common and niche products sets FGM apart from our competitors.

We don’t need to tell you consumers’ demand for more sustainable and greener products is changing our industry. FGM is purpose-built to help customers operate in this new business environment by meeting their sustainability targets. Our geography-agnostic and asset-light model reduces our carbon footprint – and customers’ scope 3 emissions – by optimizing the use of existing resources to fulfill supply chains. We are currently developing a comprehensive ESG management program to continue to stay ahead of the curve and holistically minimize FGM’s impact on the environment.

This is where a  traditional service center would put a list of industries they serve. But a list won’t tell you we can source your unique needs to the specificity and timing you need it. With FGM’s asset-light model, we focus on finding sources and services specific to you, not our warehouse. You are never limited to what is sitting on a shelf somewhere – nor will you ever be promised a material we are not convinced we can deliver.

There are plenty of people in the market who can help you source material. But few who care enough to make sure you’re sourcing the right material.

The FGM team is at our best when helping tackle your product development initiatives, including:

  • Specifying and improving products to impact product performance and yields
  • Processing audits ensuring physical properties are within specifications
  • Evaluate SOPs for continuous improvement of stability and repeatability