Renée Kirk

Chief of Staff


When did you join the FGM Team? 


What drew you to FGM? Why did you join? 

During the interview process, I was immediately inspired by Jeremy’s passion for his team and was intrigued by the innovative business model he had created here. I joined because I wanted to be part of a visionary group with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. 

Why have you chosen to stay with FGM? 

I am consistently validated in my role within our organization. My ideas and contributions are valued and challenged, which I love because it ensures that I am always pushing myself and I am constantly growing. 

What is your strongest talent you bring to the FGM team? 

My passion and drive in the face of adversity. I’m very driven, but my focus is always on the human side of things. When we embrace humility, refuse to give up, and meet others where they are – we succeed. 

What is your proudest moment during your time at FGM? 

My proudest moment came when I realized that I could achieve things that I thought were impossible for me. This organization demands that I push myself and test my limits, but it also provides the security necessary to take a leap and dare to do more. I’m grateful for the challenges that I get to tackle at FGM. 


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