This is a really Awesome Heading that has TWO Highlights


Since our beginning in 2010, Flack Global Metals (FGM) has earned a reputation for our very outward and public use of hedging as a means for bringing certainty to an industry that is well known for its pricing volatility. With the creation of Flack Metal Bank (FMB), we are once again innovating on how metals are bought and sold.

Introducing Flack Metal Bank

Flack Metal Bank (FMB) is the culmination of all we’ve learned by inserting the CME HRC futures contract into every facet of our own business along with the expertise we’ve gained from managing the hedging process for FGM’s early-adopter customers. Now, Flack Metal Bank empowers OEMs to reap the benefits of hedging their metals purchases, regardless of who they buy from or who manages their physical inventory. 


We’ve saved our hedging clients over $540 per ton over the spot price so far throughout 2021. 
Buyers who passively used the HRC futures curve in 6-month cycles saved an average of $107/ton between 2013-2020. 
Since 2017, we’ve grown our hedged transactions by 1,340%.

The market has changed. How buyers purchase must change too. In our success at FGM, we’ve proven using futures and the forward curve is the best path for anyone buying metals. And we have the data and numbers to prove it.

“We have one golden rule for growth: We never ask our clients to take a financial position we have not already taken ourselves.”