Our asset-light business model means that we have the flexibility to offer the best available pricing designed to protect and maximize your capital resources. Your Flack market expert will work with you to outline optimum strategies based on your long- and short-term needs, and lock-in a purchase price.

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Critical Listening

Our solutions are not cookie-cutter. We ask direct questions and then let you do the talking. Having a deep understanding of your business is the bedrock of the Flack process.

Fresh Thinking

Our teams are smart. Unencumbered by massive investments in equipment and facilities, we have access to a wide and innovative scope of purchase options. Educate us about your business and we will identify the solution you hadn’t even thought of yet.

Customized Fixed-Pricing Options


Fixed Pricing

The cost of steel is agreed upon up front and we can provide fixed price solutions for up to 24 months into the future. If you have already agreed to a price with your customer, you have taken on price risk. Transferring that risk and locking in profits is what you will accomplish here. Also, providing a fixed price solution to your customer base will differentiate your offering and help your firm gain market share.

Ceiling Pricing

Flack will provide you with the flexibility to pay no higher than this agreed upon price while also giving you the freedom to pay the market price if prices fall. If you are concerned that prices may be heading higher, but just aren’t ready to lock in your price, this product offers you the flexibility to do so.

Downside Price Risk Insurance

Flack will rebate you dollar-for-dollar per ton below this agreed upon floor price. Concerned about the effect a drop in prices will have on your inventory and business? Interested in making an aggressively large purchase, but worried about the downside risk? This product provides the peace of mind that allows you to take calculated risks without putting your company in peril.