Flack Global Metals
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Jeremy Flack, CEO

Helmed by CEO Jeremy Flack, Flack Global Metals (FGM) fulfills supply chains for OEMs using flat rolled steel, aluminum and stainless. Flack leads the company in the disciplined pursuit of excellence, challenging his team’s abilities, expectations, biases and the status quo every day.

This culture of excellence is established through the clearly defined core values of Transparency, Validation, Affinity for Risk, Relentless Learning, Thoughtful Disagreement and Persistence/Resilience. FGM employees are encouraged to take risks and disagree. They are recognized for their efforts, but also called out for inaction. Failures happen and mistakes are made, but they are looked upon as a natural part of the process and opportunities for growth.

Ultimately, the success of a culture that embraces risk-taking and thoughtful disagreement to achieve innovation and success, is that communication around resulting conflict is focused on the issues. Management doesn’t make it personal, always assume positive intent with its team and steering in constructive directions.

Every employee collaborates directly with senior leadership through annual SPEAK! Meetings, an approach that guides them in understanding their work and communication styles, their strengths and weaknesses, to objectively evaluate performance and determine their best path forward.

FGM also facilitates open, teamwide communication across geographies through Avaya video meetings, the Slack app and a proprietary app called “MyFlack” that acts as a repository for important information, including feedback polls and company announcements.