Flack Manufacturing Investments FAQs

What is Flack Manufacturing Investments (FMI)?

Flack Manufacturing Investments (FMI) is Flack Global Metal’s equity investment platform that invests directly in either full or partial ownership of OEMs where flat rolled products are the principal input of their manufacturing operations. FMI allows our team to deploy our proven risk management strategies directly into companies to create an entire optimized and risk-managed metals supply chain.

Why did Flack Global Metals create FMI?

Flack Global Metals created FMI, our investment platform, in an effort to deepen our impact and induce the change needed for long-term, researched-backed risk management strategies in the marketplace. All too often, engrained and antiquated purchasing behaviors in the metals industry are prevalent. There is also an awareness problem when it comes to risk management from the purchasing teams through the C-suites at most steel consuming OEMs. We know – based on our results and our customers’ results these past thirteen years – that positive enterprise value is realized when we implement our model of separating the physical supply from the price. The creation of certainty and reliability makes everyone stronger. A rising tide lifts all boats.

What types of organizations is Flack most interested in investing in?

FMI is most interested in investing in OEMs where flat rolled products are the principal input of their manufacturing operations. However, we are open to other types of manufacturers or distributors where metals are central to their operations.

Who should I contact if I am interested in discussing an investment opportunity?

Thank you for considering FMI for your investment needs. Please contact Brad Pemberton at bpemberton@flackglobalmetals.com or call Flack’s office at 480-575-3221 for further discussions.