Flack Manufacturing Investments (FMI) strategically partners with steel-consuming OEMs, welcoming them as members to the Flack Global Metals (FGM) ecosystem. Our equity investments create ultimate alignment between FGM operations and those of our partners, removing the traditional “seller/buyer” market frictions.

We have three distinct investment vehicles, each providing absolute transparency and alignment as Flack Metal Supply (FMS) sources tons and Flack Capital Markets (FCM) removes risk, all funneled into our member companies under a fixed conversion fee.

Control Investments

FMI purchases a control share or complete ownership of an operating business.

SteelGuard Investment Partnership (SGIP)

In SteelGuard Investment Partnerships, FMI acquires a direct common ownership stake exceeding 15% in the member company. In these investments, the management team of the investment company desires FGM to have significant input to the strategy and future direction of the company.  These highly structured investments grant FMI significant minority shareholder rights. SGIPs are strategically designed to allow for incremental capital injections over time, potentially leading to majority control at the option of the control partner.

SupplyChainShield Investment (SCS)

In SupplyChainShield Investments, FMI acquires a minority ownership stake of less than 15% in the member company and is granted limited minority shareholder rights. The primary objective is to foster alignment between FMI and the member company as it relates to shared goals for supply chain risk management. It is assumed with SCS investments that FMS will take over the supply chain with risk management services provided by FCM.  These investments can be easily unwound at the behest of the control partner.

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