Customer Experience


At FGM, we realize – more than anything – that the flat rolled business is a business of exceptions. We purpose built our company to bring order to a marketplace which is inherently chaotic, and to embed those practices into every aspect of our customer experience. Our business model is anti-fragile, meaning our abilities actually increase as a result of volatility, pushing us to continuously innovate to perform better and improve the experience for all our customers.


Invoice Accuracy

It should be a given, but in our industry it is not. We achieve over 99% invoice accuracy annually. It is the most important indicator that our continuous improvement process creates certainty that customers can rely on.


Disciplined Customer Onboarding

The FGM Customer Experience Program allows us to work proactively with our customers – learning their business inside and out from the beginning. It begins with our robust onboarding process which we leverage to identify potential pitfalls and exceptions within the supply chain design. This process ensures we build solid, long-lasting customer relationships that are evolved via annual business reviews and quarterly performance calls.


Customized Computer System

Our custom-built ERP was designed specifically to manage outside toll relationships using input from our team’s decades of metals and supply chain experience. We are able to manage the disparity of information we need to process daily in order to give consistency to our customers.

We regularly enlist outside firms to design and conduct comprehensive double-blind surveys of FGM. We actively seek this level of feedback to identify blind spots and roadblocks, then engineer them out of our company. We continue to implement programs that further leverage our strengths in sourcing and pricing solutions, improve our BI reporting, and refine our operations. It is the basis for our ingrained, dynamic strategy that continuously assesses and improves our customer experience.

We would never claim there won’t be problems. But our entire organization is based on their disclosure, determination of root causes, and making incremental improvements day-over-day to engineer them out of our business model.