Need to fix or float prices?

FCM can provide the pricing terms you want no matter who sources the material. The details of the contract are not disclosed, existing supply chains are not interrupted, and it can be as simple as issuing a purchase order.

Prefer a ceiling and/or a floor price?

Partnering with FCM can enable you to reap the benefits if the market moves favorably but protect you if the market moves unfavorably. FCM will give you the option to buy or sell at a price only if it’s better for you in the future.

Holding excess inventory?

If your company is holding material that is at risk of declining in value, FCM can protect the value of your material while enabling you to have JIT inventory. Additionally, this solution helps raise capital on your balance sheet.

Need access to futures and options markets?

FCM offers a variety of methods for accessing the derivatives market and can help choose which is the best fit for your business. If you’re already utilizing futures and options, FCM can provide the liquidity you need to manage your price risk efficiently and cost-effectively.

Want to protect the value of imported material?

FCM can help manage price risk while your material is in transit, ensuring that you are not holding mispriced material by the time the material arrives at its destination.

Need to maintain a firm price for project bids?

FCM can hold a fixed price while you wait to hear back about a contract tender, ensuring that cost estimates remain unchanged in the meantime.

Have ESG mandates?

FCM can supply and retire voluntary carbon offset credits on your behalf, as well as consult, advise, and execute carbon neutrality strategies. FCM is a member of all the major registries and sources offsets directly from project developers all over the world.

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