At Flack Manufacturing Investments (FMI), we’re not just investing; we’re transforming the steel industry. Our equity investment solutions dismantle the conventional barriers between vendors and customers, leveraging knowledge from our unparalleled heritage in steel sourcing, risk management and M&A activities to empower OEMs with unmatched market agility.


The result? New competitive frontiers across markets.



Our entire platform is built to help steel-consuming OEMs create certainty, reduce friction, and ultimately acquire a greater share of wallet in their respective markets. Our investment philosophy is compatible with a wide array of industrial dynamics and entrepreneurial visions and is applicable to a diverse range of investment situations, scenarios, and partnerships. The common theme is forging connections where flat rolled steel is a crucial component of the organization’s end product.

Our investment horizon is tailored for longevity; FMI’s capital injections are designed to serve as permanent capital. Yet, we remain adaptable to the strategic visions of our control partners, aligning strategies with their long-term business goals. Beyond collaborating with existing management teams and ownership groups, FMI is prepared to engage with, invest in, and partner with entities across various situations, providing a multifaceted approach to investment and partnership.




    FMI made its first equity investment in 2023 with Fabral Metal and Wall Roof Systems from OmniMax International, Inc. Fabral is the premier supplier of metal building envelope solutions for multiple end markets including residential, commercial and post frame/agricultural.

    “We know – based on our results and our customers’ results across every type of market – that positive enterprise value is realized when we implement our model of separating the physical supply from the price. Implementing those strategies at Fabral is our way of once again practicing what we preach.” said Jeremy Flack, Flack Global Metals Founder and Chief Executive Officer.


    Continuing to build on previous success with the Fabral acquisition, FMI has completed an investment in Windsor America, the parent entity of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Windsor Door, and installation companies’ Garage Door Services of USA and Lodi Door.

    “Our partnership with FGM is an excellent opportunity to leverage our aligned strategies to create certainty for our customers and stakeholders,” Hans Wright, CEO of Windsor America, stated. “The resources that FGM brings to Windsor America such as strengthening our supply chains as well as the hedging and risk management services enhance our ability to deliver on our mission of manufacturing and delivering quality garage doors through an outstanding customer experience.”