Alissa King

Executive Assistant


What is your current role and how does that contribute to FGM?

I am Jeremy’s Executive Assistant. As an EA, you are the backbone of the organization by providing essential support and coordination for various tasks and projects. It is also a role where you can foster a culture of collaboration among other colleagues and managers.


What drew you to FGM? Why did you join?

I was referred to FGM through Jeremy’s home builder, Frank Dimaggio. Upon meeting with Jeremy, it was clear that he is a visionary in this field and has very high standards for both himself and his team. I joined because I was interested in being part of a high-level team that is always seeking excellence.


Which of  FGM’s values resonate with you and why?

Transparency. I believe that this is the most important aspect of both a professional and personal environment. Keeping employees in the loop, sharing the good and the bad, and welcoming honest feedback from team members is critically important. Establishing transparency in the workplace is key to creating a stronger organizational culture and solidifying employee loyalty and engagement.


What is your personal mantra or motto?

Be the person your dog thinks you are.