Claire Williams

Operations Associate


What drew you to FGM? Why did you join?

The clear opportunity for growth and the desire to stand out in the industry. Additionally, the wealth of knowledge and experience found within the FGM team.

What has been you biggest learning lesson since joining FGM?

The importance of adaptation. Adaptation is not just about reacting to change; it’s about embracing it as an opportunity for growth and development. I’ve learned to approach unfamiliar situations with a positive mindset, viewing them as chances to expand my skills, knowledge, and perspective.

What energizes you in your role?

The endless potential for growth and development. I thrive on the challenge of tackling new projects, exploring innovative ideas, and expanding my skill set. Every learning opportunity propels me forward toward achieving my goals and making a positive impact in my field.

What is your strongest talent you bring to the FGM team?

Effective communication and relationship building. Communication is about more than just talking – it’s about ensuring that ideas and information are concise, coherent, and accessible to others.