We are a contemporary version of the traditional commodities trading company.

We buy, finance, insure, move and hedge metals across the globe. We physically source the materials our customers seek and then move those materials to exactly where they are needed, with intentional visibility throughout the journey. We also finance the transactions ourselves, keeping us and our customers closer to the source thereby removing a layer of risk. These commodities activities inform our other business ventures and ensure we always have first-hand market intelligence.

  • International Mills

    FGM has direct relationships with the international mills from whom we source and finance materials. We know their management teams by name and vice versa. The connections we have built for over a decade provide us with expanded sourcing and pricing options while maintaining our standards for quality and customer experience.


  • Global Logistics

    From across the globe, we are able to see our coils at every step of their journey. Not only see, but also react if need be. When international supply chains were clogging, we were able to see bottlenecks before they impacted our shipments and move to open ports.

  • Insurance

    Our standing with an A+ international insurer means our materials are covered under one policy throughout their entire journey. This simplifies coverage for us and enhances the protection for our customers, removing the risks of coverage disputes between insurers.


  • Carbon Credits

    As net zero and carbon neutral steel initiatives reshape our industry, we are positioned to provide customers with the ability to bundle carbon credits alongside material. Unlike most others, FGM customers will have the opportunity to hedge those credits to obtain price certainty.


of our international supply is typically hedged
of our hedged contracts have been fulfilled since our founding
estimated per ton savings from hedging the 2020-2021 rally