Brad Pemberton

Prior to the acquisition by Flack Global Metals, Brad was president and CEO of Consolidated Systems, Inc. (CSi), a position he had held since 2006. Brad joined CSi in 1988 as general manager of Consolidated Metal Products (CMP). In 1994, he was on the Executive Team that formed Doublecote, LLC, a coil coating operation in Jackson, MS. He led the successful start-up and served on the Board of Managers and as vice president of sales until CSi sold its share of the business in 2000.

In 2001, Brad was promoted to vice president of CSi responsible for all of the commercial functions of the Metal Dek Group (MDG), Bridge Dek, and CMP, as well as the MDG Engineering functions. In 2005 Brad was promoted to chief operating officer for CSi.

Brad holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech and started his career with U.S. Steel as an operations trainee. He later served as U.S. Steel’s national account manager for the GE Major Appliance Business Group.


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