At our core, Flack Global Metals (FGM) is a supply chain management company that operates as a metals service center. Our vast network of mills, processors, suppliers, logistics carriers, and warehouses create a supply chain specific to your location, not ours.

  1. Diversified and customized supply chains executed for your unique needs, including being fully outsourced to our team.

  2. Built for flexibility and nimbleness including roll and hold programs, warehousing, transloading materials, etc.

  3. Geography agnostic, asset-light model empowers “customer forward” approach versus traditional models.

Instead of focusing on passing along the overhead cost of physical locations, FGM uses buying strategies that reduce volatility to protect our customers and provide pricing advantages. Starting from there, we develop supply programs based on customers’ monthly material consumption. Once a program is established, we maintain a “pipeline” of material to fulfill customer demands while minimizing inventory, increasing turns, and ultimately eliminating costs that traditional distributors pass along to the customer.

FGM supplied 1111 tons in 2020
We shipped to over 1111 clients
We shipped to over 1111 locations