Alex Jez

Sales Executive


When did you join the FGM Team?


What drew you to FGM? Why did you join?

Opportunity for growth.

What energizes you in your role?

Growing my business, learning new product lines, building relationships with my customers, and having company support to grow within the company.

What is your strongest talent you bring to the FGM team?

Business development, product understanding and ability to educate customers with business/industry knowledge on product lines.

If you only had one word to describe FGM, what would it be?


What is your proudest moment during your time at FGM?

I’ve had some good wins here at FGM, but my proudest moment has yet to come. I have a lot more to work on and achieve.

Which of our values resonates most with you and why?

Honesty & Integrity: good relationships are built on trust. If your customer trusts you this will help you build stronger relationship for long term business relationship.