Haley Rowland

Product Marketing Manager


What drew you to FGM? Why did you join?

I was drawn to FGM because of the company’s passion for innovation and care for its people. It was made very clear in the interview process that FGM truly cares about its people and is willing to invest in them for the greater good and success of the company.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

In life you can only control two things – your attitude and your effort.

What energizes you in your role?

The ability to turn ideas into reality. I love using my creative abilities to transform visions into a high-quality product that will reach internal/external stakeholders and ultimately benefit the company as a whole.

Which of our values resonates most with you and why?

Relentless learning. Growing up, I absolutely loved school and the learning opportunities it presented. Since entering my professional career, I am always striving to dwell in roles where learning opportunities are always present.